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The Individual Financial Conflict of Interest Committee is a standing University committee whose voting members are nominated by the Personnel and Elections Committee of the Academic Senate and appointed by the President for three year terms as outlined in Rule R1-006A: Individual Conflict of Interest Committee Membership Rule.


Heather Nyman


Toni Laskey

Voting Members

Neeraj Agarwal
801-585-0255  Medicine Faculty
Bettie Jo Basinger
801-581-7245 Fine Arts Faculty
Joy Blatchford
801-213-3788 Pediatric Administration Staff
John Davis 801-587-1722 Education Faculty
Tanya Flores 801-581-7561 Humanities Faculty
Teresa Garrett 801-585-9622 Nursing Faculty
Toni Laskey 801-662-3620 Medicine Faculty
Laurie Lesher 801-581-4128 Medicine Staff
Brad Lundahl 801-581-6192 Social Work Faculty
Chad McDonald 801-581-6155 Social Work Faculty
Sanford Meek 801-581-8562 Engineering Faculty
Heather Nyman 801-587-9594 Pharmacy Faculty
Keunhan (Kay) Park 801-581-4260 Engineering Faculty
Wayne Potts 801-585-9677 Science Faculty
Jason Snyder 801-585-3541 Business Faculty

Ex-officio Members

Brent Brown 801-581-3003 Office of Sponsored Projects          
Zachary Christensen 801-587-3784 Purchasing  
Trent Foxley 801-581-7170 Foreign Influence  
Ann Johnson 801-581-3655 Institutional Review Board  
Emily Ostrander 801-581-4603  Conflict of Interest Office  
Eric Paulsen 801-585-1376 PIVOT Center  
Hailey Ritchie 801-585-7002 General Counsel  


Last Updated: 6/22/22